Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities:

1. During Occupancy maintaining property

a. Housekeeping (Please keep the premises clean)
b. Snow removal driveway and walkways (Please keep the front and driveway clean of snow)
c. Garbage disposal & recycling to be done weekly based on waste pick up schedule (posted in unit)
d. Parking is either inside the garage or on the unit driveway. Parking on the street is not permitted.

2. Sports and recreational equipment must be stored in the Garage only.

3. Vaping/Smoking inside premises is not permitted.

4. Excess noise and disturbance to the community not allowed.

5. The minimum stay required is 30 days under the Corporation of the Town of The Blue Mountains By-Law Number 2013 – 50 Office Consolidation (By-law 2014-45).